Monday, January 10, 2005

Socks and stuff

So, I got into Sockapalooza after all. Yay! I can't work out how to upload the button, any help would be gratefully received. It's lots of fun thinking about patterns and yarn to use. I've been reading my recipient's blog, trying to get a feel for what they might like. I had a look through my sock yarn stash.

It's mostly self patterning stuff, Regia mainly. This is fine for your every day sock, but I'm thinking I might splash out on some Lorna's Laces for this one. I did a pair of Broadripple Socks in the Mixed Berries shade last year and I love the colours. However, I don't think that's the right pattern, as it really needs a yarn with a little elastic in it. Hmmm, time to get out the pattern books I think!

Before I start, I must finish the current socks, which are for Toby.

They are my second pair of short row heel socks, as I liked the way the last pair turned out. The self patterning yarn has done an interesting thing at the heel. It would have been even better if the stripes were in the same colour.

I'm about 2 inches away from the toe shaping of sock number 1, so really need to crack on so I can start on the Sockapalooza pair.

I've been working hard on Hourglass Sweater too. She doesn't really look that exciting at the moment. The body is done and here's Sleeve number 1 earlier this evening, before ER.

I love ER - today was a very happy day for me, with Series 11 back on Channel 4. We have a strict 'no talking during ER' rule in our house. Toby often goes out on the night ER is on - he's doesn't understand. In fact, he's out tonight.

Excuse the brown mark on the sofa. Digital cameras pick up the strangest things.

Lastly, I'm thinking of moving over to Typepad. Has anyone else moved from Blogger to Typepad? How did you find it?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your stash box.Wow! move over to typepad it's great and comments are alot easier on people to make,typepad is really easy to use too
~earth mother~ Cara,who would love to hang out with your sock stash

Anonymous said...

Ello, Fiona here. (I'll try not to sound too smug or aloof.. I'm possibly getting a complex about it.) Toby's socks look good. I admire sock knitters. You don't get to show off socks in the same way you get to show off a new jumper, yet, because they tend to use itsy-diameter yarn, they can take a surprisingly long time. Well, they take me a surprisingly long time. A teddy bear's scarf would probably take me ages too tho'.
It was lovely to see you again last night and to see the gang. I was really amazed by that young trendy couple (they looked young and trendy to me) that said they'd recently learnt to knit. Really stunned, especially by the bloke. How positive!
Hopefully I will have finished the back of my jacket before February's meeting. Perhaps you will be modelling Hourglass?

Stay cool,