Sunday, January 09, 2005

Lazy Sunday

In fact it has been anything but lazy this weekend around here. As the children are back at school, we have plunged back into their hectic social lives. Josie had a friend for a sleepover Friday night and a birthday party on Saturday. Sam had football practice Saturday morning, went to a friend's house in the afternoon and then a football match Sunday morning.

I went out on Saturday night to have drinks with a friend for her birthday, so I was a little 'tired' this morning. Toby decided to take Sam climbing after football, so Josie and I had a lazy afternoon. We watched 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and then I said I'd listen to Josie read her reading book from school. When she got her book, look what it was.

A book about a swift! How cool is that? The thrust of the story was that no one knew what this thing was, until eventually a lady buys it from them and puts it in a museum. Josie was very impressed that I knew straight away and she wanted to know why I wanted one of my own. This led to a discussion about balls of wool and skeins and how one transforms the latter into the former. Of course, she wanted to have a go. So I found some Magpie Aran I had lying around and we set to work. As we had no swift, we used the back of a chair.

Then I showed Josie another way of holding the yarn.

She started to flag a little, but we persevered.

The final result. Josie felt it was worth it.

I did suggest she could knit something with it now she'd wound it up herself, but she decided to take it to live with her doll in the bedroom. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

In a museum !
I love my swift and ball winder. ;-]
Knitting is just a few steps away...